Artist Statement

Artist Statement
My creative work is marked and affected by my being an immigrant who has been uprooted from one country (Brazil) to another (Israel).
As a multi-disciplinary artist, I mainly paint and create object and installations. My objects are built from readymade material and mainly I prefer to use materials that are meant to be recycled, just before they become un wanted, or throne to the garbage.

While trying to accommodate myself to a new place, a new language and a new culture, I found myself attracted by certain species of trees which seemed to me alien to this new landscape, mainly tropical palm trees and Eucalyptuses. These trees where imported from other places for different reasons: the palm trees were meant to decorate and enrich Israeli gardens, and the Bauhaus buildings that populate beautifully widely the city of Tel Aviv.
Alongside this cultivated nature, I focus also on urbanism. My works have a dual existence: from one hand they manifest reductive formal structures and colors and on the other hand the works have a conceptual statement that has to do with contemporary urban culture metaphors.

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