The Fifth season

The Fifth Season

Delivering the “In Between” series was a fulfillment of exploring
nature’s transition between life and death, and the absence and emptiness that remains when the transition is complete. It reflects the yearning for optimism I inhaled while living for a few years in North America, watching that period of the year when nature adorns itself with those splendid colours. That in-between season when summer is about to vanish and fall is about to appear. I was longing for the enchanted memories of nature’s endless beauty I miss in the Middle East and I am trying, only trying, to recycle and preserve in times of emotional disturbance.
Here I go fantasizing on the canvas the colours of the leaves
changing into endless nuances of red and gold, just before they fall down with that unique rustle and cover the familiar world with a fantasy of enormous colorful carpets. This one breathtaking phenomenon reminds the viewer that fall and winter are knocking on the door. Winter’s death will wash all of that beauty away, but still promises another spring and summer and all the “In Between” seasons… over and over again.And as always it is those newborn fresh leaves that will participate in the next enchanted “In Between” show. These young leaves obviously will get older, fall off those very same branches, and go with the wind. This is the creation of the universe and the cycle of life on this planet. Just like my mother who left behind all winters, springs, summers, falls and the “In Betweens” of her life, just like the leaves that shriveled and will never bloom again. Thus my mother and thus me – still in my “In Between”.