Selected Press

10 Questions with Suly Bornstein-Wolff
Fragments – group exhibition
Interview – Portfolio Magazine – The labor of Shuli Bornstein-Wolf: a tribute to magic, imagination and fantasy
Second Chance, Art Project, Hiriya art educational center, Israel
news haifa krayot – Objects, Solo Exhibition at the Museum of Archiology and galls
parquet -special project-fresh paint 2019
Channel 7 – article about installation of mine at the President of Israel’s residence – Nov 2020
Between Tradition and Future, Art Market Magazine (October 2020)
Portfolio Magazine – About the work of Suly Bornstein Wolff  – Read Full Article
Portfolio Magazine – Tel Aviv Artists House, exhibitions October 2021 – Read Full Article
The IMAJ Israel Medical Association journal – Read Full Article (1)    Read Full Article (2)
Art Market 51 – Read Full Article
Haaretz – Review on Fresh Paint Fair 2019   – Download Full Article
Xnet 2019 – Life Style – An article About Suly B.Wolff   – Download Full Article
Portfolio Magazine – Fresh Paint Exhibition 2019   – Download Full Article
Fresh Paint Art Fair 2019   – Download Full Article
Portfolio Magazine – Personal Structure exhibition   – Download Full Article
At Magazine
4 makor rishon cover magazine 2017
suly bornstein wolff – Solo Exhibition 2017, Artists House Tel Aviv. Channel 10
At Magazine, March 2017
Haaretz Newspaper, march 2017
Haaretz, Literature Magazine